God can Soften the Most Callous of Hearts

“I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh”.Ezekiel 11:19 NIV There are times in life when we can be blinded by our own bitterness or serving other gods and idols. We subtly getContinue reading “God can Soften the Most Callous of Hearts”


Today is a new month and almost the end of the year. Where have the last ten months gone or the past two years? Time is something that cannot be purchased. Everyone of us has the same amount of time everyday, yet we find excuses in how we waste it. Once time is spent itContinue reading “TIME – KAIROS!”

People are Different- People are Unique

The cities in America are booming with such diversity, ethnicity, and culture. I was in Boston yesterday morning in 2018 at a conference in the midst of a Nor’easter that brought a lot of rain. I went to hear of a ministry that reaches people literally in the streets with God’s love. They reach someContinue reading “People are Different- People are Unique”

Blind Spots

As I was trying to pull out of a street to take a left on the main road, I could not see to my right due to a large cardboard box I had inside my Highlander SUV. It was the beginning of rush hour and I was at a standstill. I was waiting for theContinue reading “Blind Spots”

It is Your Choice!

Have you ever been confronted or faced with a decision that was going to make or break you? There are times in our lives that we are placed in a position to compromise, stretch the truth (which is lying), or not giving in to the status quo. How about lying for you boss or managerContinue reading “It is Your Choice!”

Under Pressure

How has your past week or month been like a pressure cooker? It’s been quite a challenging last couple of years how about you? How subtle this pressure begins to boil due to worry, anxiety, fear, and stress that begins to take a toll on us without even realizing it is happening. Maybe your thinkingContinue reading “Under Pressure”

Do We Know God’s Unknown ?

Yesterday I wrote about God knows our unknowns but do we really know God’s unknowns? God truly is a mystery whether we believe in Him or not. His decisions are sovereign even when we don’t like them. Just think about some of our own choices in life being stubborn, disobedient, or tried to please ourContinue reading “Do We Know God’s Unknown ?”

Decisions Decisions

Seeking for answers in life can become a complicated matter. When making a major decision such as moving far away because of a job change, a life change, or what school to attend, and at times marrying the person you love and even serving your country in the armed forces we need sound advice andContinue reading “Decisions Decisions”

Be at Home Among the Wise

“If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home among the wise. ” Proverbs 15:31 NLT Have you ever met somebody that seems to know it all and always has an answer for everything? They have an “I’m right you’re wrong attitude” or just like to plain argue about anything and everything. That’sContinue reading “Be at Home Among the Wise”

Applying Wisdom

“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, that we may apply wisdom to our hearts.” Psalm 90:12 (NLT) How many went to look for that old favorite bathing suit or shorts (well maybe next weekend with all this rain) only to find disappointment. It doesn’t fit any more, but we tried it on anywayContinue reading “Applying Wisdom”