A Treasure Worth Maintaining

Australia last year or so had experienced a tragedy of forest fires claiming over 18 million acres close to one billion animals lost along with many homes and lives lost. This is beyond comprehension when it comes to devastation. A recent fire in the Bronx lost approximately 19 people with many injured and left homeless.Continue reading “A Treasure Worth Maintaining”

Where The Spirit of The Lord is There is Liberty

Freedom is a beautiful thing and privilege, but usually comes with a great price that somebody or others have paid and sacrificed to pave the way for true liberty. Men and women at war fighting for their nation to defend their freedom. Let us look at this subject on a personal level and not asContinue reading “Where The Spirit of The Lord is There is Liberty”

When You are Caught Off Guard

King David was known by God to be ‘a man after God’s own heart’. If you read his biography beginning in 1 Samuel 16 on including Kings and Chronicles we will see a man who began with humility and allowed his own carnal, selfish ways get him into trouble. David as King was on theContinue reading “When You are Caught Off Guard”