My Help Comes From The Lord

I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord watchesContinue reading “My Help Comes From The Lord”

God Has No Formulas

God does not have formulas,God is not a fortune teller or psychic,God is not a genie to rub a lamp for a wish, God does not have shortcuts! God is patient and wants to teach us the lessons of life through patience and prayer. One of the most misquoted verses and taken out of contextContinue reading “God Has No Formulas”

There is Purpose in the Wilderness

Wandering in the wilderness of life is not always Aimless! Like Israel in the book of Exodus we can wander in the wilderness for 40 years grumbling and complaining about the journey. Moses led Israel to the promised land but did not enter himself only to see it from Mount Nebo, even though he wasContinue reading “There is Purpose in the Wilderness”

Light Will Shine for You

This time of year brings joy, peace, love, but it can also bring sadness, grief, despondency, emptiness, and even the dark side of depression. Loved ones who have been lost or suddenly taken away from us due to unusual circumstances or even suicide. You are confronted with the inevitable news about an accident or healthContinue reading “Light Will Shine for You”

God sent out His Word and Healed Them

There are times that suffering, sickness, and even grief due to some form of loss can feel like an eternity. Even our bodies fade away as we get older and the aches and pains increase as the years go by. When the Israelites traveled through the wilderness desert all they did was whine and complain.Continue reading “God sent out His Word and Healed Them”

It is Your Choice!

Have you ever been confronted or faced with a decision that was going to make or break you? There are times in our lives that we are placed in a position to compromise, stretch the truth (which is lying), or not giving in to the status quo. How about lying for you boss or managerContinue reading “It is Your Choice!”

Do We Know God’s Unknown ?

Yesterday I wrote about God knows our unknowns but do we really know God’s unknowns? God truly is a mystery whether we believe in Him or not. His decisions are sovereign even when we don’t like them. Just think about some of our own choices in life being stubborn, disobedient, or tried to please ourContinue reading “Do We Know God’s Unknown ?”

Emotions Can You Trust Them?

Emotions can be so hard to trust. Emotions usually can get the best of us. Yes, we are human, and it is good to express our emotions, but we must also think by using our mind and not our heart. We should be considerate and respectful of others and not overstep our boundaries. There areContinue reading “Emotions Can You Trust Them?”

March To Victory

Will this be the month you will have your breakthrough!Your looking at your situation and feeling overwhelmed. Defeated, and ready to throw it all in and run away. You may be at a point to make every excuse why your giving up and now justifying why bother. The pandemic has literally worn you out physically,Continue reading “March To Victory”

Call unto Me

God does not have formulas, God is not a fortune teller or psychic. God is not a genie to rub a lamp for a wish, God does not have shortcuts! God is patient and wants to teach us the lessons of life through patience and prayer. Whenever God wants to stretch us in our walkContinue reading “Call unto Me”