Who Will Show Us Better Times?

In a time of uncertainty, pandemics, wars, rumors of wars, violence, inflation, inhumane treatment, etc. Life can be such a struggle and look grim. King David wrote this Psalm #4 expressing his own concerns for himself, his family, his nation. Watching the news, reading media clips about the Russia invasion of Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦, the threatContinue reading “Who Will Show Us Better Times?”

Light Will Shine for You

This time of year brings joy, peace, love, but it can also bring sadness, grief, despondency, emptiness, and even the dark side of depression. Loved ones who have been lost or suddenly taken away from us due to unusual circumstances or even suicide. You are confronted with the inevitable news about an accident or healthContinue reading “Light Will Shine for You”

All Things Work Together for the Good

Too often many books about the power of positive thinking and self discuss “You have to have a dream!” Scientifically, who knows how many dreams we have during a nights sleep. I would like to mention a young boy who had a dream around the age of 17. His name is Joseph in Genesis 37.Continue reading “All Things Work Together for the Good”

Right On Schedule

God Is Never Too Early or Never Too Late, But Is Always Right On Time! Why was Jesus born at such a time on Bethlehem’s morning? We have to go back to the 400 silent years between the Old and New Testaments. It was prophesied throughout several areas in the Old Testament. We see specificContinue reading “Right On Schedule”