The good things in life, sports, careers, raising a family don’t come easy in this life. For most of you it has taken years to accomplish where you are today and there were many, many sacrifices.It took a lot of dedication and routine and mundane drills of self discipline. Dedication means being committed to aContinue reading “DEDICATION COUNTS”

The Place of Surrender comes with a Price

Self denial is not a popular topic in our generation. To get things done we usually have to sacrifice whether you’re a parent, teacher, coach, leadership, athlete, student, and the list goes on, etc. There comes a time when we need self discipline and not selfishness. A team sport needs each player to make itContinue reading “The Place of Surrender comes with a Price”

For Mom on Mother’s Day

FOR MOM’S on MOTHER’S DAY Mothers were wired to be multi tasked with many different roles. Most of us do not even realize how many task she can do! (Too many to list here). A mom seems to find a solution to solve a problem or find a cure for some wound when there areContinue reading “For Mom on Mother’s Day”

Making the Best with What You Have

Learning to be content is an art of self disciple, especially when advertising/marketing tells us we have to have things we cannot afford or need. Do I really need the latest phone? If I can’t afford a new car or that exotic vacation, perhaps I need to reconsider. But wait there’s more! “Free” no interestContinue reading “Making the Best with What You Have”