When Losses Come

This is a time of year where we are reminded to be thankful for all the blessings we have from God which may include health, prosperity, friendships, family, etc. But what about the loss or losses you may have experienced this past year? Perhaps you recently lost a job or experienced a divorce. Some ofContinue reading “When Losses Come”

Finding Rest in God

There are times when we think of rest that we get the feeling of having more sleep or just sitting down on the sofa or lazy boy recliner. You may need a long vacation like a couple of weeks to renew your mind and body. Maybe take time for yourself to clear your mind andContinue reading “Finding Rest in God”

Enter Into God’s Rest

Now that summer has officially arrived can you find some rest for your weary body and mind? Boston’s rush hour traffic is back to where it was in 2019 according to a recent data study just released. Top this off with summer travel and you have a formula for high anxiety or excess stress. StressContinue reading “Enter Into God’s Rest”

Running on Empty

Are you running on empty and its only halfway through the month of the new year? When I go to the gas station I always fill up my tank because of the inevitable unexpected like being stuck in rush hour traffic with no gas station in sight. There are many unexpected turns in life suchContinue reading “Running on Empty”

Quietness and Rest We Can Hibernate with God

In Quietness and Rest You Will Find Refreshing in 2021 The New Year usually starts off with a bang and the busyness doesn’t seem to want to slow down. Even during this global pandemic and selective lockdown in some areas. Yet, in the stillness of the winter months this can be a good time toContinue reading “Quietness and Rest We Can Hibernate with God”