It’s OK to Ask for Help!

We can become vulnerable to injuries when it comes to sports, work, construction, play, recreation like riding a bike or even climbing a mountain. I find that in our world of independence and individualism we tend take pride in trying to figure things out ourselves, or we try to get healed on our own.For someContinue reading “It’s OK to Ask for Help!”

When You are Caught Off Guard

King David was known by God to be ‘a man after God’s own heart’. If you read his biography beginning in 1 Samuel 16 on including Kings and Chronicles we will see a man who began with humility and allowed his own carnal, selfish ways get him into trouble. David as King was on theContinue reading “When You are Caught Off Guard”

The Point of Brokenness in Christ

There are times in our life where God has to get us to a point of brokeness. This is a place where life’s routines or our own will is intercepted. It’s at this point we look to the Lord and surrender our will to him out of complete brokeness. Trusting Him for the purpose andContinue reading “The Point of Brokenness in Christ”