Choose to Move Forward

Another New Year will be soon upon us and it’s out with the old in with the new! For some of you the challenges of life and the pressures, stresses, have been excruciating, saying, this year cannot end soon enough! For others it was a good year to reflect back on and count your blessings.Continue reading “Choose to Move Forward”

Be Everything God has Called You To Be

God wants you to be and to use you and your personality just as you are. He wants to use your talents and giftings for His purposes and for His glory not yours nor a church. God is to be glorified. Subtle pride and arrogance creeps in when we boast about how great “our ChurchContinue reading “Be Everything God has Called You To Be”

Standing In The Gap

Standing In The Gap When I think of a gap I see holes, cracks, crevices or a large space in the outfield where the batter hits the ball in the gap. Whenever there are gaps on walls or foundations they are vulnerable to weaken and eventually break down. God’s heart to Ezekiel was to searchContinue reading “Standing In The Gap”

The Journey is Supposed to be Tough

The Journey is supposed to be tough and the inner struggles are real! The challenge to grow as a person or believer in Christ was never intended to be smooth sailing. How would one appreciate victory without experiencing defeat. Sports can be a good example of this or failing a test or exam.Perhaps you orContinue reading “The Journey is Supposed to be Tough”


The good things in life, sports, careers, raising a family don’t come easy in this life. For most of you it has taken years to accomplish where you are today. You must be dedicated. Dedication means being committed to a task or purpose. Coaches, teachers, mentors, parents all over country have dedicated their time, talent,Continue reading “Perseverance”