What Will 2022 Bring to You?

What will 2022 bring to you? What will the next year bring to you? Opportunities or obstacles? Perhaps both. What have you learned or discovered these past several years ? I reviewed some past New Years post. 2020“Unexpected circumstances, trials and caught off guard”. In 2019:“Don’t pray for an easy life, but pray to beContinue reading “What Will 2022 Bring to You?”

God’s Creation is Very Good

When God created heaven, earth, the oceans, sky, mountains, lakes, fish, animals, birds, and human beings male and female, He said it was not just good but ‘very good’. God doesn’t prove He existedbecause He was before creation. “In the beginning God created”… No the ‘big inning’ is not about baseball, but a demonstration ofContinue reading “God’s Creation is Very Good”