It comes down to choices and personal convictions.

Have you ever been confronted or faced with a decision that was going to make or break you? There are times in our lives that we are placed in a position to compromise, stretch the truth (which is lying), or not giving in to the status quo. How about lying for your boss or managerContinue reading “It comes down to choices and personal convictions.”

Framing The Wrong Person

Living in a culture where accountability lacks justice today, and places innocent people in jeopardy of their character, integrity, faithfulness, loyalty, and their own judgment. Have you ever been accused of something that throws you off balance or catches you by surprise? I am sure you felt betrayed, or anger rose up within you. YouContinue reading “Framing The Wrong Person”

Loyalty- A Promised Oath

Loyalty is a shallow virtue these days. David reminded Jonathan King Saul’s son that he would keep his generation going due to his loyalty and friendship to David. David and Jonathan were loyal friends in spite of King Saul. King Saul hated and despised David, yet David knew God’s ultimate plan and would not harmContinue reading “Loyalty- A Promised Oath”