When Losses Come

This is a time of year where we are reminded to be thankful for all the blessings we have from God which may include health, prosperity, friendships, family, etc. But what about the loss or losses you may have experienced this past year? Perhaps you recently lost a job or experienced a divorce. Some ofContinue reading “When Losses Come”

Heaven is God’s Resting Place and Eternal Home

Heaven is a place of beauty and perfection. It is part of God’s creation in the beginning. Heaven is not a fairy tale or man made. It is the fullness of God’s glory. Heaven is our hope, our peace, our resting place. Jesus reminds us of this hope for the believer and those left behind.Continue reading “Heaven is God’s Resting Place and Eternal Home”

In Your Loss You Need A Friend

It’s mid October with Fall season in high gear. The holidays are creeping up so fast, yet so many people have experienced loss this past year or so. Loss of loved ones who have died such as , friends, coworkers, and loss due to the Coronavirus, senseless violence or even a suicide. Loss of belongingsContinue reading “In Your Loss You Need A Friend”

Under Pressure

How has your past week or month been like a pressure cooker? It’s been quite a challenging last couple of years how about you? How subtle this pressure begins to boil due to worry, anxiety, fear, and stress that begins to take a toll on us without even realizing it is happening. Maybe your thinkingContinue reading “Under Pressure”

When My Spirit is Overwhelmed

“WHEN MY SPIRIT IS OVERWHELMED, GOD KNOWS THE WAY OF MY PATH!” Why is it when a celebrity or some well known rock star or business mogul takes their own life there is a media frenzy of suicide awareness? It really bothers me when people say,”they had it all”, when they looked at their successContinue reading “When My Spirit is Overwhelmed”


Depression is one of those human emotions we all deal with sometimes or in some cases a chronic condition. There is a reactionary depression too for example, you may get in an accident or there is a breakup of a friend, a loss of a loved one, etc. With some people it’s a chronic conditionContinue reading “Depression”

By His Stripes , We are Healed

I was straightening out my office several months ago, and a small handcrafted globe of the world rolled off the stand from my shelf and you guessed it. The globe cracked in half and broke (of course one of my favorite treasures). As I was picking up the pieces looking at this shattered globe itContinue reading “By His Stripes , We are Healed”

Christ is Hope

“When you don’t take time out to notice & understand your emotions, they have a strange way of resurfacing when you least expect or want them to”. Travis Bradbury Emotions can sweep over you during the holidays like no other time throughout the year. Emotions like grief, sadness, loneliness, depression, fear can easily grip usContinue reading “Christ is Hope”

God’s Overshadowing Presence

This season is usually a fast paced time of year with gift shopping, Christmas gatherings and parties with your work or at some friends and relatives, going to the theatre and watching countless children’s plays, and Christmas movies. The past seasons were very similar , but this season is quite a bit different when itContinue reading “God’s Overshadowing Presence”