Exceedingly Abundantly

Scenes like this will lower anybody’s blood pressure. This picture was taken on Martha’s Vineyard a few years ago. Im amazed how the Lord desires to bless us beyond what we could ever think or imagine, especially in the small things in life. Life is about taking risks, but you will never know what yourContinue reading “Exceedingly Abundantly”

Making the Best with What You Have

Learning to be content is an art of self disciple, especially when advertising/marketing tells us we have to have things we cannot afford or need. Do I really need the latest phone? If I can’t afford a new car or that exotic vacation, perhaps I need to reconsider. But wait there’s more! “Free” no interestContinue reading “Making the Best with What You Have”

Wake Up!

Wake Up! Most of us lived fine and survived without social media and the internet before it was discovered!There are many positives and conveniences with these tools, but also negatives, censorship, etc. Too often we get tempted to read into something that the person writing is not saying on a post, email, etc. Most ofContinue reading “Wake Up!”