God Has No Formulas

God does not have formulas,God is not a fortune teller or psychic,God is not a genie to rub a lamp for a wish, God does not have shortcuts! God is patient and wants to teach us the lessons of life through patience and prayer. One of the most misquoted verses and taken out of contextContinue reading “God Has No Formulas”

Overcoming Disappointments

The “unexpected” or disappointments seems to be the theme the last couple of years. What else could go wrong in my life you may be asking? As we have heard before, when it rains it pours. However, for some the flooding or the bleeding has not stop. The sickness your facing is not getting anyContinue reading “Overcoming Disappointments”

When My Spirit is Overwhelmed

“WHEN MY SPIRIT IS OVERWHELMED, GOD KNOWS THE WAY OF MY PATH!” Why is it when a celebrity or some well known rock star or business mogul takes their own life there is a media frenzy of suicide awareness? It really bothers me when people say,”they had it all”, when they looked at their successContinue reading “When My Spirit is Overwhelmed”

The Life is in the Blood

The Life is in the Blood In the Old Testament the priest would take a lamb without blemish to offer as a sacrifice for sin. Israel or the people fall into sin and this sin separates us from God. God who is holy cannot tolerate sin and we as human beings cannot earn our wayContinue reading “The Life is in the Blood”


Depression is one of those human emotions we all deal with sometimes or in some cases a chronic condition. There is a reactionary depression too for example, you may get in an accident or there is a breakup of a friend, a loss of a loved one, etc. With some people it’s a chronic conditionContinue reading “Depression”