A Treasure Worth Maintaining

Australia last year or so had experienced a tragedy of forest fires claiming over 18 million acres close to one billion animals lost along with many homes and lives lost. This is beyond comprehension when it comes to devastation. A recent fire in the Bronx lost approximately 19 people with many injured and left homeless.Continue reading “A Treasure Worth Maintaining”

Help Lord My Unbelief

Help Lord My Unbelief! The name on this tiny boat, “Sunken Ship” in Nantucket, an island off Cape Cod speaks volumes as I waited for the ferry after some field work with my job. At first glance, this put doubt in my thoughts because of it’s name. How often we have doubts of unbelief withContinue reading “Help Lord My Unbelief”

March To Victory

Will this be the month you will have your breakthrough!Your looking at your situation and feeling overwhelmed. Defeated, and ready to throw it all in and run away. You may be at a point to make every excuse why your giving up and now justifying why bother. The pandemic has literally worn you out physically,Continue reading “March To Victory”

The Journey is Supposed to be Tough

The Journey is supposed to be tough and the inner struggles are real! The challenge to grow as a person or believer in Christ was never intended to be smooth sailing. How would one appreciate victory without experiencing defeat. Sports can be a good example of this or failing a test or exam.Perhaps you orContinue reading “The Journey is Supposed to be Tough”

God is Soveriegn and His Justice Reigns

For the Lord God is Sovereign over the Nations Most of the mighty and strong nations such as Rome, Greece, Assyria & Babylonian empires etc. have fallen due to their arrogance, from wealth, pride, deceit, immorality, and idolatry. God is patience, but He will refuse to be mocked, ridiculed, and scorned any longer. Third termContinue reading “God is Soveriegn and His Justice Reigns”