May the God of Hope Fill You with Joy and Peace

‘When you don’t take time out to notice & understand your emotions, they have a strange way of resurfacing when you least expect or want them to’. Travis Bradbury Emotions can sweep over you during the holidays like no other time throughout the year. Emotions like grief, sadness, loneliness, depression, fear can easily grip usContinue reading “May the God of Hope Fill You with Joy and Peace”

Emotions Can You Trust Them?

Emotions can be so hard to trust. Emotions usually can get the best of us. Yes, we are human, and it is good to express our emotions, but we must also think by using our mind and not our heart. We should be considerate and respectful of others and not overstep our boundaries. There areContinue reading “Emotions Can You Trust Them?”

Filter it Through

Filter it through rather than putting a lid on it. At some point in our lives we have heard or have said, ” put a lid on it”! Putting a lid on it especially problems at home, work, or with friends doesn’t necessarily solve the issue, but can even make the matter at hand evenContinue reading “Filter it Through”

Christmas and Emotions

For many people this season is not always the most wonderful time of the year! People lose loved ones who have died due to the pandemic Covid 19, a relationship breakup, just one too many parties where alcohol or drugs takes its toll on a person or family. Loneliness and depression set in and theContinue reading “Christmas and Emotions”