There is Purpose in the Wilderness

Wandering in the wilderness of life is not always Aimless! Like Israel in the book of Exodus we can wander in the wilderness for 40 years grumbling and complaining about the journey. Moses led Israel to the promised land but did not enter himself only to see it from Mount Nebo, even though he wasContinue reading “There is Purpose in the Wilderness”

All Things Work Together for the Good

Too often many books about the power of positive thinking and self discuss “You have to have a dream!” Scientifically, who knows how many dreams we have during a nights sleep. I would like to mention a young boy who had a dream around the age of 17. His name is Joseph in Genesis 37.Continue reading “All Things Work Together for the Good”

Time to Get Going

I’m not sure about you but when exams or papers were due back in school, when it came to preparing for a test or paper the night before my favorite word was procrastination. Yes, putting things off until the last minute. Some of you reading this I’m sure were procrastinating when it came to gettingContinue reading “Time to Get Going”

March To Victory

Will this be the month you will have your breakthrough!Your looking at your situation and feeling overwhelmed. Defeated, and ready to throw it all in and run away. You may be at a point to make every excuse why your giving up and now justifying why bother. The pandemic has literally worn you out physically,Continue reading “March To Victory”

Sunsets Give Meaning to Life

I have often wondered how many sunsets we actually get to see in our lifetime. I watched a beautiful sunset recently and noticed some older people coming down the beach to get a glance at a part of God’s creation. It reminded me of how our days are numbered in this life and that weContinue reading “Sunsets Give Meaning to Life”