When Losses Come

This is a time of year where we are reminded to be thankful for all the blessings we have from God which may include health, prosperity, friendships, family, etc. But what about the loss or losses you may have experienced this past year? Perhaps you recently lost a job or experienced a divorce. Some ofContinue reading “When Losses Come”

People are Different People are Unique People need to Care

The cities in America are booming with such diversity, ethnicity, and culture. I was in Boston, Jamaica Plain this week consulting for work. In my travel I saw such a long line of people including families for a couple of blocks waiting to get immigration family services. I am not sure where they were fromContinue reading “People are Different People are Unique People need to Care”

God sent out His Word and Healed Them

There are times that suffering, sickness, and even grief due to some form of loss can feel like an eternity. Even our bodies fade away as we get older and the aches and pains increase as the years go by. When the Israelites traveled through the wilderness desert all they did was whine and complain.Continue reading “God sent out His Word and Healed Them”

Loyalty- A Promised Oath

Loyalty is a shallow virtue these days. David reminded Jonathan King Saul’s son that he would keep his generation going due to his loyalty and friendship to David. David and Jonathan were loyal friends in spite of King Saul. King Saul hated and despised David, yet David knew God’s ultimate plan and would not harmContinue reading “Loyalty- A Promised Oath”

Do We Know God’s Unknown ?

Yesterday I wrote about God knows our unknowns but do we really know God’s unknowns? God truly is a mystery whether we believe in Him or not. His decisions are sovereign even when we don’t like them. Just think about some of our own choices in life being stubborn, disobedient, or tried to please ourContinue reading “Do We Know God’s Unknown ?”