Life is always about change, whether we realize it or not changes are inevitable. We can change for the better or for the worse. Some of us have a difficult time with change and resist it at every angle. Corporations, churches, education, politicians, board meetings, sports, etc. “We’ve never did it that way before” orContinue reading “KEEP THE CHANGE”

An Inside Job

Change Comes When We Decide we’re Powerless The great experience about living in New England or the Northeast is the changing of the seasons. Just when we get tired of winter or summer, spring and fall seem to bring relief from both extremes of the heat and freezing temperatures. If we want change in ourContinue reading “An Inside Job”

Help Lord My Unbelief

Help Lord My Unbelief! The name on this tiny boat, “Sunken Ship” in Nantucket, an island off Cape Cod speaks volumes as I waited for the ferry after some field work with my job. At first glance, this put doubt in my thoughts because of it’s name. How often we have doubts of unbelief withContinue reading “Help Lord My Unbelief”

Dial 333!

Call unto Me (God), and I will answer you; and show you great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden, unseen], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’ JEREMIAH 33:3 Have you ever been in an emergency situation where the fear and panic begins to over take you; thatContinue reading “Dial 333!”

The Power Twins

The Power Twins Prayer & Fasting Break Oppression During this time of season Christians have times of prayer and fasting. Some announce 21 days of fasting abstaining different kinds of food and drink. The Daniel kick! Fasting is more about self denial than it is for self improvement. Some fast to lose weight or toContinue reading “The Power Twins”

Greater is He That is In You

What battles have you faced already in this short New Year? Are you still motivated and focused in 2021 or have you already thrown in the towel? Remember it’s not how we start this race but it’s how we finish it that counts. The battles that I am thinking about are not necessarily about diets,Continue reading “Greater is He That is In You”