People are Different- People are Unique

The cities in America are booming with such diversity, ethnicity, and culture. I was in Boston yesterday morning in 2018 at a conference in the midst of a Nor’easter that brought a lot of rain. I went to hear of a ministry that reaches people literally in the streets with God’s love. They reach someContinue reading “People are Different- People are Unique”

God sent out His Word and Healed Them

There are times that suffering, sickness, and even grief due to some form of loss can feel like an eternity. Even our bodies fade away as we get older and the aches and pains increase as the years go by. When the Israelites traveled through the wilderness desert all they did was whine and complain.Continue reading “God sent out His Word and Healed Them”


Two of my favorite stories are Moses leading Israel through the Red Sea and Joshua leading Israel to the promised land. The opposition not only came from the outside but came from within. Fear and unbelief not only was preventing Israel from entering the promised land and gaining the victory, but it led them astrayContinue reading “LET GOD ARISE and HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED.”

It is Your Choice!

Have you ever been confronted or faced with a decision that was going to make or break you? There are times in our lives that we are placed in a position to compromise, stretch the truth (which is lying), or not giving in to the status quo. How about lying for you boss or managerContinue reading “It is Your Choice!”

Getting Realigned

Being balanced usually keeps us in line or at least moving straight ahead at an even pace. Have you ever drove really fast in your car only to find the steering shot, the car or truck vibrating and wobbling like some carnival ride?You realize the front end alignment is out of whack and it needsContinue reading “Getting Realigned”

An Inside Job

Change Comes When We Decide we’re Powerless The great experience about living in New England or the Northeast is the changing of the seasons. Just when we get tired of winter or summer, spring and fall seem to bring relief from both extremes of the heat and freezing temperatures. If we want change in ourContinue reading “An Inside Job”

Be at Home Among the Wise

“If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home among the wise. ” Proverbs 15:31 NLT Have you ever met somebody that seems to know it all and always has an answer for everything? They have an “I’m right you’re wrong attitude” or just like to plain argue about anything and everything. That’sContinue reading “Be at Home Among the Wise”


D-DedicatedA-AvailableD-Determined The moment a man becomes a dad (father) when that first child is born, you adopted a child, or became a step dad, etc. life will never be the same! The emotions of love, joy, overflows, yet fear and doubt rises up because of the great responsibility in this life journey to raise thatContinue reading “D.A.D.”

Face The Giants

Be Strong and Stand Tall Fear can paralyze us in many ways. Fear is not only an emotion, but a spirit that will prevent us from moving forward in life and your spritual growth. We need to be reminded that not every obstacle that comes our way is the end of the world. God allowsContinue reading “Face The Giants”

National Revival πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

The next spiritual awakening will be in the streets of USA not in buildings made by man! This awakening will bring forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration like never before. It will not be political, or have church bureaucracy or politics. We will see a lifestyle of change through the power of God’s Spirit. The altar will beContinue reading “National Revival πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²”