The Mystery of Christmas 🎄

The Mystery of Christmas 🎄 The Christmas season is a time of year where love is more evident, people become more generous and help the less fortunate in need. A season where people are in a giving spirit and respond not necessarily with just money or gifts. Most of us wish this attitude could spreadContinue reading “The Mystery of Christmas 🎄”

People are Different People are Unique People need to Care

The cities in America are booming with such diversity, ethnicity, and culture. I was in Boston, Jamaica Plain this week consulting for work. In my travel I saw such a long line of people including families for a couple of blocks waiting to get immigration family services. I am not sure where they were fromContinue reading “People are Different People are Unique People need to Care”


Too often we can get caught up in winning the argument, but losing the war. We see this more now in the political realm, religion, work, and in personal relationships. We have grown accustomed to lack patience in just about anything we disagree with these days. The “I’m right you’re wrong attitude”! “A gentle answerContinue reading “Gentleness”